Which is the best roti maker in India

Best roti maker in india

If you want to know which is the best roti maker in India then you are at right place because we are here to help you in finding the best roti maker in India.

We Discuss top 10 Best Roti Maker in India in this post and we select these roti makers after extensive research you can trust this information because we make a list of top 10 best roti maker after looking several factors in it such as customer review, Product quality and Brand popularity etc.

How to select Best Roti Maker in India?

If you want to select the best roti maker in India then you need to focus on several factors before choosing the right one for yourself. we discuss this in detail in our Buyer’s Guide. But don’t worry we already did the work for you and choose the best roti maker for you.

Top 10 Best Roti Maker in India

We always get confused when we look for the best roti maker in India because there have too many choices and we don’t know which one is good or which is not. That’s to make your work easy we select Top 10 best roti maker in India after 2 weeks of research.

1. Prestige PRM 2.0 Roti and khakra maker.

This roti maker is the best roti maker for you if you wish to make wider roti’s which are perfectly round and fluffy. This is also good for those peoples who have less area in their kitchens because of its compact design it occupies the less area in your kitchen.

Features and details

  • Body of roti maker is shockproof.
  • Body is stainless steel.
  • Warranty is one year.
  • Made up of with power indicator.
  • With non-stick coating.
  • Came with an adjustable temperature knob.
  • Power consumption is 900W.
  • Product dimension is 30cm.20cm.21cm.

1.Easy to adjust even in a small area.

2. Prevent from the shock.

3. Power indicators make it more comfortable.

4. Easy to control the temperature.

5. Look is elegant.


1.It takes more time to make Rotis.

2. Safety features are not enough.

2. Sunflame RM1 900 watt roti maker (silver/black).

This is a lightweight roti maker. But this very durable and very dependable. The khakhra and roti made by this roti maker is definitely liked by your families because this roti maker is known for their good work. That’s why we consider as one of the Best roti maker in India.

Features and details

  • Handle of roti maker is made up of with bakelite.
  • Warranty of this product one year.
  • It comes with a power indicator.
  • Moulded plug.
  • Body of roti maker is made up of stainless steel.
  • Food grade non- stick coated cooking plate.
  • Power: 230V AC- 900 watts.
  • Heat the roti uniformly and cooking the oil-free roti.
  • Product dimensions is 31cm.22cm.23.5cm.
  • Weight of Product is 2.28kg.

1. LED indicator is provided by this roti maker.

2. Presence of heat resisting lifting handle.

3. Stainless steel body.

4. Base is wider which helps in variety of cooking.

5. It is easy to clean.


1. This roti maker has not many safety features.

2. It is not user friendly.

3. Bajaj Vacco 900W “Go- Ezzee”Non stick chapati maker C- 02.

Due to his sturdy outer body, this roti maker provides you with fluffy and light roti’s which is generally see in advertisement on TV. Because of its lightweight, it liked by the many families.

Features and details

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Came with power indicator.
  • It is a shockproof appliance.
  • Body is made up of stainless steel.
  • Lifting handle is heat resistant.
  • ABS plastic cool-touch handle.
  • Tawa is made up of with the coating of Teflon.
  • Bajaj Vocco electricals:- over 60 years warranty old national company with a Tradition of high quality and unconditional after-sales.
  • Size of Tawa is 20.26cm.
  • Dimensions of package is 30.3cm*22.8cm*22.6cm.
  • Weight of package is 2 kg.
  • Automatic cut- off feature with indicator light.

1. It is a user-friendly appliance.

2. It can do multi-task like makes khakhra,  roti, papads.

3. It is a time-efficient appliance.

4. This roti maker has a demo CD.

5. Power indicator.

6. A good plastic handle.


1. The thickness of roti is a topic of concern.

2. Prich little bit high.

3. It cannot make the roti jawar.

4. Xodi Eagle/National roti maker Eagle made life 4500(Eagle with demo CD) shock proof Non stick.

This roti maker is ideal for bachelors. With the help of this roti maker, you can make rotis in just a second. This roti maker is known for his fluffy and smooth rotis. That is the reason why we add this roti maker in our list of best roti maker in India.

Features and details

  • Power indicator.
  • Shockproof Body.
  • 8 inches non stick coating plate.
  • with demo CD.
  • Package dimensions is 10cm*10cm*10cm.
  • Weight of package is 478g.

1 It makes oil-free fresh Rotis.

2. It is a time-efficient roti maker.

3. It allows you to make perfectly thin and circular roti’s.

4. Price is affordable.

5. You can make parathas, khakra, dosa.

6. Big plate diameter.

1. This roti maker has an overheating problem.

5. Prestige PRM 1.0 Roti and khakra maker.

If you buy this roti maker then it will be the best addition to your modern kitchen. This is a shockproof appliance due to it’s his hard plastic bottom. This is a premium roti maker and looks like tough due to its handle down its body. Prestige is known as one of the best and popular brand for roti makers.

Features and details

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Body is shockproof.
  • Came with power indicator.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Made up with hard plastic and stainless steel.
  • With an adjustable temperature knob.
  • Product dimensions is 18cm*15cm*17cm.
  • Weight of the product is 2 kg.

1. Design is compact.

2. Bottom is made up with plastic.

3. With demo CD.


1. Upper dish sometimes heats up.

2. Plate is too small.

3. Safety Feature is not much. It should be some more.

6. Prestige roti maker PRM 5.0 With demo CD with free kitchen plastic manual dough(Atta) maker.

This is a multi-feature roti maker. That why it is helpful in to prepare safe and efficient round, delicious and fluffy roti’s every time. The base of this roti maker is concave in shape. Also, the look of this roti maker is very elegant that why everyone wants this to be part of your kitchen.

Features and details

  • Came with power indicator.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • With adjustable temperature control knob.
  • Granite non-stick coating.
  • Comes with demo CD.
  • Package dimensions is 31.7cm*24.3cm*20cm.
  • Weight of package is 2.01kg.

1.This is a durable product.

2. Easy to use.

3. Provide value for money.

4. Temperature control feature.

5. Multiple purpose design.

6. Unique curved surface.


1.Too small roti output.

2. Customer review is a topic of concern.

3. Handle is so delicate.

7. Molo roti maker/khakhra maker.

The quality of this roti maker is great. It also a budget-friendly Product. You can place it on your kitchen very easily. Because it is a compact Designed roti maker. This is one the best roti maker under low budget

Features and details

  • Rate is good.
  • Power consumption is 900W.
  • Red indicator light to know the current operation.
  • Operating voltage is 230V.
  • Frequency is 50HZ.
  • Large gripping handles to hold and press.
  • Anti-fall plate design.

1.Large handle for effortless operation.

2. You can prepare multi dish like chapati, Thepla, Uttapam, etc.

3. Stainless steel body.

4. Non stick coating.


 1. Not good for bigger families.

2. Warranty period is not mentioned.

8. Kerwa Non stick shockproof roti maker.

Kerwa roti maker is ideal for those persons who have to wished to make smooth and crispy roti at home. As we all know in the market there is available very wonderful product and this also a wonderful roti maker who cooked the roti in just of a minute. With the help of this roti maker, you can also some food items like roti’s, papad, omelette, dosa and more food items in less time.

Features and details

  • 4500 watts of power usage.
  • Use stainless steel material.
  • Shockproof roti maker.
  • Cool touch ergonomic handle.
  • Non-stick coating plate.
  • It is an economical product.
  • Heavy duty.
1.Body is shockproof.

2. Affordable product.

3. This is a light product.

4. Design is versatile.

5. Kerwa is a registered brand


 1.You can purchase only from kerwa original manufacturer & authorised seller of this product.

2. Some customers claim they got the damaged piece.

9. Prestige PRM 2.0 1200 watt roti maker.

Prestige is a famous and reputed brand. People love it because of it’s designed, performance and quality. It comes in the market with innovative ideas and features. It also an affordable product. If someone interested to buy this product they can easily afford it.

Features and details

  • Warranty is one year.
  • Stainless steel and plastic outer body.
  • Adjustable temperature control knob.
  • Utilizes 1200 watts power.
  • Non sticky plate to make fluffy rotis.
  • Shockproof nature.
  • Durable product.
  • Frequency is 50HZ.
  • Voltage: 230V.
  • Product dimensions is 36cm*25cm*22cm.
  • Weight of product is 2.56kg.
1. Provides you prefect fluffy and round rotis.
2. Good quality of non-stick coating that helps to make easy and hassle-free rotis.

3. Fit in small space due to compact design.

4. Extremely safe to use due to shockproof body.

5. free demo/installation will be provided for this product within 30 days from the date of purchase.

1.Some customers complains that roti can be made at high temperature only.

10. Jaipan JDRM- 901 1000watt Jumbo roti maker.

Jaipan is a brand which constituted by a varied range of home appliances and kitchenware which are dexterously designed to fit into the requisites of primarily the Indian households. The philosophy of Jaipan says that consumer satisfaction should be the first responsibility for any company. They always tried to deliver world-class Product to their customers.

Features and details

  • Makes perfectly round and puffed up Rotis in minutes.
  • Has a power-on neon indicator, handle and a knob to press plates.
  • Made of high-quality non-stick coated plates.
  • It requires a wattage of 1000W and an operating voltage of 230V to 240V AC at 50Hz.
  • Shockproof durable stainless steel body.
  • Manufacturer of product is Jaipan.
  • Product dimensions is 29cm*21cm*23cm.
  • Weight of product is 2.67kg.
. 1. Compact desing.

2. Power indicator lamp for indication.

3. Time-efficient roti maker.

1. Rating of this product is not satisfying.

Buyer’s guide for best roti maker

When we thought about buyer’s guide then a question is coming in our mind but we need a buyer’s bor a simple things like roti maker. So we will explain it why we need buyer’s guide because it will help us you to choosing the best roti maker in India. We were going to mention all the important points which are essential for you. So let’s discussed it.
1. Types of roti maker.
There are two types of roti maker.
A. Electric roti maker.
B. Automatic roti maker.
So let’s discuss these types in detail.

Electric roti maker

These types of roti maker is good for those peoples who have no problem with electricity. These types of roti maker has an electric presser. It is made up of with two electrically heated hot plates which is used to press each other to cook your roti. Most of the peoples prefer to buy these types of roti maker. Thatswhy it is a common type in Indian kitchens.
Some models to electric roti maker can prepare multi dishes like khakhras parathas etc.

Automatic electric roti maker

This is the most convenient type, roti maker.  This is not to more assistance from you. In this just need to add all the ingredients inside it and just wait to cook it. In this vacant time, you can finish your small work. And when you came back you will find that your is cooked. And you can enjoy it. So it makes you very easy to make the roti’s.

Another advantage of this roti maker that it is not used to make only single roti, on the other hand, you can prepare multiple roti’s by the help of this roti maker. You can also make different kinds of bread also.

So now you know the two types of roti maker. This help will you a lot in selecting the best roti maker. Now we discuss another important point. So let’s discussed it.

2. Price.

This is an important point which we should keep in our mind before buying a product. Because every people has their own budget. They can not afford that Product is out of their budget. But when you buy cheap rated roti maker do not provide you quality roti, and sometimes may lead you to shell out money for repairs.
The price is also different is on the basis of size of roti maker.

3. Griddle material and size

The meaning of griddle is Tawa. Tawa should be made up of aluminium because aluminium is a good distributor of heat. Tawa should be mad up with non-stick material so that we should not need to add the oil to it.
We should also choose Tawa according to our family size. So you can choose it according to your requirement.

3. Temperature and power

Roti maker consumes less power. Thatswhy it is one of the most economical appliances. Also, it saves gas.
For a good result, the cooking surface of the roti maker is 424 degrees Fahrenheit. If we talk about this temperature in Celcius then it would be 218.33 degree Celsius.

4. Features

ON/OFF indicator light- This feature of this product will help you to know whether the product is working or not. This also helps as a safety feature sometimes.

Non-heating handle lift:- This feature of roti maker saves the consumers from burning. It occurs because the handle is coated over with a special type of material that why it does not become hot.

C. Shockproof body:-  we can found this feature almost in every roti maker. This feature very essential for roti maker because these roti makers work with electricity. So there is a chance of getting shocked. But this feature helps to protect from getting shocked.

D. Adjustable temperature knob:- This feature helps to control the temperature during the cooking of rotis. Generally, every roti maker has 3 temperature variation to adjust.

So, this is all about the buyer’s for you. I hope this article is helpful for you.

FAQ of Best Roti Maker

1. Can I clean this?
Yes, you can clean it. Non-stick surface clean only through wipe clean process. But for removing the strains, oil marks, you can clean water damp cloth.

2. Can I use it to make khakra and other dishes?
Yes, you can make khakra and other dishes through roti maker. But make sure which model you are going to buy. Because these feature only available some models roti maker. So if want to make these dishes so buy that model of roti maker which has the feature of to cook the multi dishes.

3. Do I need to put oil first on the plate before using?
No need if the roti maker is non stick coated plate.

4. Which is better? An electric roti maker or a  manual roti maker?
It depends on what you prefer. Electric roti makers are costly but easier to use. Manual roti makers need effort. However, if you looking for outdoor purpose then you should go for manual roti maker.

Best Brand for Roti Maker.

1. Bajaj

The founder of bajaj is Jamnalal bajaj. It is founded by Bajaj in Rajasthan in the 1940s.  It is based in Pune, Maharastra. Bajaj auto limited is a global brand which is known for the manufacturing of motorcycles, scooters, and auto rickshaws. It also produces home appliances like roti maker.

2. Prestige

TTK Prestige Limited is an Indian company. This company is known for its pressure cooker. This company also makes a home appliance & kitchen appliances. Prestige is known for making best roti maker in India

3. Sunflame

The company of Sunflame is known for delivering the best customer experience. Because Sunflame has the vision to become the most successful and respected home appliances makers.

4. Kerwa

Kerwa is an Indian private limited company. It is known for making kitchen products. We mentioned this company in the list of the best brand for roti maker because most of the Kerwa roti maker counted as the best roti maker in India.

So, This is all about the Best Roti Maker in India. We hope You like this article and its really going to help you in selecting the best roti maker but if you have any question you can ask us through Contact Us option or you can comment below.

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