Best Mixer Grinder Under 2500

Best mixer grinder under 2500

If you are searching for the best mixer grinder under 2500 then you are at the right place finding the best mixer grinder under your budget is not an easy task and to solve your problem we come with the best mixer grinders under 2500. You can also check out Cheap and Best Mixer Grinders

How to select the best mixer grinder?

when you are budget-oriented and looking for the best mixer grinder under your budget then you should have to focus on some factors such as Brand, Customer Reviews, Product quality etc. These are the most important factor which you need to check every time before buying any product online.

So, if you don’t have enough time to do research about that and still you want to buy the best mixer grinder then don’t worry we are here to help you.

We have Reviewed Top 8 Best Mixer Grinder under 2500 you can follow this list because we prepare this list after so much of research and analysing different Mixer Grinder under the budget of 2500. You can also check out Cheap and Best Mixer Grinder if you want best mixer grinder under the budget of 1000 to 2000.

1. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 jars.

You can reach out your skill at a different level with the help of this Bajaj rex 500W mixer grinder. It is designed by the manufacturer in this way that it can perform a number of functions for helping you to cook your food. Make it a part of your kitchen, definitely, it increases your kitchen,s beauty.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 jars.

Features and details

  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • Power consumption of mixer is 500W.
  • The blade system is multifunctional.
  • It has a motor overload protector.
  • It has a 3-speed control function for momentary operation.
  • Gripping of the jar,s handle is very easy.
  • Product dimensions are 16.6*11.2*5.5cm.

Special feature in details
1. 500W Motor.
The 500W motor is a powerful motor which is more than enough to do Various tasks. This motor has vacuum feet for the ease of operation, this vacuum feet prevent it from sliding.

2. 3 Jars.
This mixer has comes with three jars. All three jars are different according to their function. 1.2L liquidizing jar, 0.8L dry grinding jar and a 0.3L chutney jar.

3. Three-speed control.
This function allows you to increase or decrease the speed, without overloading of the system. This function makes the grinding and blending easy.

4. Elegant body design.
This Bajaj rex mixer grinder comes with elegant design. Along with its compact design.

5. Multifunction blade system.
This is one of the special and essential features of this Bajaj rex mixer grinder because it allows you fast and effortless grinding in the mixer. It can grind even a small ingredient in the mixer.

6. Rustproof body.
The body of the mixer is made up of ABS plastic. Thatswhy it is not corroded during long use. In this way, we can say it is a durable product. The body of this mixer is very elegant. It can increase the beauty of your kitchen.

1.Design of the mixer is elegant.

2. Time-efficient product.

3. Energy-efficient.

4. The motor of the grinder is Powerful.

5. Various types of jars are available.

6. Customer service is good.

1.Motor has not copper binding.

2. The lid of the jar is not transparent.

2. Signora care eco plus mixer grinder.

The Signora care 500-watt mixer grinder is a revolutionary product. You can enjoy this product by making delicious and healthy food. It reduces your cooking time. In this way, it makes cooking a simple task for you. It is one of the best mixer grinders.

Signora care eco plus mixer grinder.

Features and details

  • This mixer has one year warranty on the product and 3 years warranty on the motor.
  • Power consumption is 500W.
  • Operating voltage of mixer is 220-240 volts.
  • Revolutions of the mixer are 18000RPM.
  • It has the feature of vacuum suction for anti-slip feet.
  • Package dimensions is 33cm*25.4cm*24.8cm.
  • It has also locking system is available.

Special feature in detail
1. Chutney grinding jar along with break-resistant polypropylene lid. The capacity of this jar is 400ML.

2. Wet grinding jar with the capacity of 800ML.

3. It is mainly designed for rubber gaskets which is ensures the tight fit and smooth.


1. It has shock proof body.

2. It comes with anti slip base.

3. High durable product.

4. It has 500 watt motor along with three 3 speed.

1. It is not good for grinding of some specific fruit.

3. Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga 500W Juicer mixer grinder with 3 jars

This Ertiga 500-watt mixer grinder by cello is a multitasking appliance which is increased the beauty of your kitchens. This grinder has two stainless steel jars, plastic multipurpose blender.

Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga 500W Juicer mixer grinder with 3 jars

Features and details

  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • Power consumption is 500 watts.
  • Product dimensions is 38cm* 25cm*27cm.
  • It has break-resistant liquidizing jars.
  • Package content includes mixer grinder unit, 3jars, spatula, user manual and warranty card.
  • This mixer has high-grade nylon couplers for trouble-free Operation.
  • It has impact-resistant SS blades for optimal grinding efficiency.

Special features in details
1. 500W powered.
This mixer comes with a powerful motor which consumes 500 watts. It is a durable motor. It provides you with the desired efficiency at all times.

2. Tough inner body.
The feature of its tough frame makes it a convenient Product. SS blades of each stainless steel jars provide an easy operation to their users.

3. Secure cooking.
The main unit of the jars is made up of with the attachment of the nylon couplers which is lock the jars strongly. Also, it has break-resistant lids which provide the airtight seal.

4. Anti-skid grip.
This mixer has anti-skid Vaccum legs at the of the mixer. Which is ensures that the mixer is not skidded off when users operate this.

5. Selector knob.
This mixer has the feature of selector knob which provides the three types of grinding speed which is good for different food items.

6. Easy to clean.
The jar of this mixer has a wide mouth. Due to their wide mouth, you can clean it easily. In this way, you can keep the jar fresh.


1. Powerful motor.

2. You can clean it easily.

3. Selector knob for control the speed.

4. Gripping of the jar is easy.

5. Easy to optimise.

1. It has not a copper motor.

4. Lifelong power pro 500W Mixer Grinder with 3 jars

This mixer grinder also consider as one of the best mixer grinders under the budget of 2500. It also comes with three jars and have a 3 speed control for best grinding.

Lifelong power pro 500W Mixer Grinder with 3 jars

Features and details

  • It has a 3-speed control motor.
  • Jar capacity is 1.25L.
  • Liquidizing jar is 0.8L.
  • 0.35-litre chutney jar.
  • It has a motor overload protector.
  • It has a multi-functional blade system.
  • Package dimensions is 34.8*25cm*22cm.

Special features in details
1. 500 watt motor.
It has a powerful turbo motor which provides continues grinding. Due to its turbo motor, it can grind even the hard and tough ingredients like black hole gram for making the tasty vadas and dosas.

2. Three-speed operation.
  This appliance has a 3-speed setting which is making the blending and grinding so easy with overloading of the system.

3. Stainless steel jars.
This mixer has three jars. This set of jars are included 1.25L liquidizing jar, 0.88L multipurpose jar, and 0.3 L chutney jar.

4. Overload safety button.
This mixer has an overload safety button, which is an essential function because it protects it from fluctuations and excessive heat.

5. Easy-grip handle.
Due to the function of easy-grip handle you can handle it in a very efficient manner.

6. Anti-skid feet.
It has also vacuum feet for the sliding of the easy mixer. With the help of vacuum feet you can place it one place to another place very easily.

7. Efficient blades.
  The blades of all the jars are made of quality stainless steel. It does not matter that how much thick the consistency of your blending subject.

8. Sturdy jar lids.
It has specially designed rubber gaskets for the lids of wet and chutney jars which is confirm the tight fit and smooth secure lock of the system.


1. It has safety button for protect from overloading.

2. easy to handle.

3. Movable feet of the mixer.

4. Jar lids are hard.

5. It has 3 speed control knob.

6. Blades of the jars are very hard.


1. It is not available in different colours.

2. All three jars has not handle.

5. Orient electric kitchen kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder 500W, 3 jars.

This is a multipurpose used mixer grinder. It has a compact design and sleek body that why it is easily fitted to your kitchens and increases the beauty of your kitchens and it comes with some unique features and deals with your all kitchens problem. It has three jars which quite are different from each other.

Orient electric kitchen kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder 500W, 3 jars.

Features and details

  • This mixer has a 2-year warranty on motor and 2 years on product.
  • Power consumption is 500watts.
  • Operating voltage is 220-240volts.
  • It has the function of a flow breaker in a jar for the fast and easy grinding.
  • It has the 500watt high-performance copper motor.
  • 3-speed control system.
  • The thickness of the jar is extra which is essential for longer life.
  • The mixer grinder includes 1.25L liquidizing jar, 0.8L wet grinding jar, 0.5L chutney jar.
  • The blades of the mixer are made up of the nickel which is good for super fine grinding.
  • Dimensions of product is 39.5cm*18cm*26cm

Special features in details
1. 500W energy-efficient motor.
The 500-watt motor, not a simple motor, it is one of the powerful motor which is suitable for all type of operations. It is an energy-efficient motor along with that it also maintains the nutrients and flavours of yummy milkshakes, pastes or masalas which is you grind in your grinder.

2. Flow breakers for smooth grinding.
The feature of the flow breaker ensures that blades should have maximum contact with the ingredients of food. In this way, it provides you with efficient mixing and desired grinding.

3. Suction feet for a firm grip.
This mixer has tiny suction feet in the base of the mixer, which ensures that mixer does not slip because due to the suction feet of mixer it is holding their place very tightly.

4. Extra thick durable jars.
This kitchen kraft mixer has 3 jars of different sized. It works according to the user’s requirement.

5. Easy-grip handle.
The ingeniously designed handle provides easy and comfortable gripping. While you are grinding masalas or blend your favourite shakes. This provides a hard grip which it won’t be a slip.

6. Three-speed regulator.
With the help of a speed regulator, you can adjust the speed of grinder up to three levels.

1.Powerful motor.

2. Fit even in a small area due to their compact design.

3. It has the feature of flow breakers for efficient mixing.

4. Suction feet to avoid the slippage of the mixer.

5. Jars of the mixer are durable.

6. Easy to grip handle.

7. It has a speed regulator.

1. It has not home service warranty.

6. Singer pearl 500 watts mixer grinder with 3 jars.

The Singer is also very popular and reputed brand in India. The singer is mainly known for their sewing machines. But they also make many home and kitchen appliance which was also loved by India Customer.

Singer pearl 500 watts mixer grinder with 3 jars.

Features and details

  • This mixer has two years warranty.
  • Power consumption of mixer is 500W.
  • This mixer has included with the liquidizing jar, chutney jar, and warranty card.
  • Product dimensions is 36cm*23cm*26.5cm.
  • Manufacturer of this is singer India limited.
  • It has three stainless steel jars.
  • The capacity of the liquidizing jar is 1200ml, the multipurpose jar has 700ml, and chutney jar has 350ml.
  • Body of the mixer is shockproof ABS body.
  • Vacuum suction anti-sleep feet for hard grip.
  • It has the function of protector for the safety of motor
  • The handle of the liquidizing jar is very comfortable.
1.Price is affordable.

2. It has Powerful 500W motor.

3. Shockproof body.

4. It has three different jars.

5. It has not a problem with slippage.

6. It has anti-slip


1. Motor is little bit noisy as compare to others.

7. Singer cheffy 500 watts 3 jar mixer grinder.

As we mention earlier singer is a very reputed brand in India and known for offering a quality product to their customer that’s why we include this mixer grinder in our list because its best under the budget of 2500.

Singer cheffy 500 watts 3 jar mixer grinder

Features and details

  • Warranty of the product is two years.
  • It has 3 stainless steel jars, liquidizing jar 1500ml, multipurpose jar 1000ml, chutney jar 450 ml.
  • Handle grip of the liquidizing jar is very comfortable.
  • Shockproof ABS body.
  • Vacuum suction anti-slip feet.
  • It has a 3-speed control knob.
  • Power of motor is 500W.
  • Product dimensions is 36cm*23cm*26cm.

1.Price is according to users budget.

2. It has Powerful motor.

3. Protection from shock.

4. There is no problem of slippage

1. The motor is a little bit noisy as compared to others

8. Inalsa jazz mixer grinder 550W 3 jars.

It is a multi-purpose super mixer grinder, manufacturers by Inalsa. The body of the mixer is sleek and compact, Hence it can fit even in a small area.

Inalsa jazz mixer grinder 550W 3 jars

Features and details

  • It has a 550W powerful motor.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Product dimensions is 19.5cm* 21cm*41cm.
  • Three-speed controlling feature.
  • It has safety protection for overload.
  • Hard and strong ABS body.
  • Concealed bushes.
  • Provides fast and efficient grinding option.

1.Powerful motor under cheap price.

2. 30 min motor rating.

3. 3 multi-purpose jars

4. Long lasting nylon couplers.

5. Concealed bushes to protect from any kind of oil leakage.

1. Not available in different colours.

Buyer’s guide – Best mixer grinder

When we thought about a buyer’s guide for mixer grinder. Then a question came in our mind that do we need a buyer’s guide for a simple thing like mixer grinder. Then answer to your question is yes. Because before buying a product we should have proper knowledge of that product.

Some years before when mixer grinder is not introduced to the peoples then most of the women used stones for grinding the masalas in their kitchens. But now most of the women used mixer. But in a country like India in some places, women used stones to grind their masalas and the concept of mixer grinder has not remained new for most of the Indians.

So let’s discussed the difference mixer and grinder in detail.

1. Mixer

The main function of the mixer is to mix the different types of cooking ingredients. It occurs so generally in a semi-liquid state. For vegetable pastes for making of curry. Broadly mixer is divided into two parts.

A. Hand blenders
B. Stand mixer

2. The grinder

A grinder is a  strong machine. It can grind both types of ingredients like wet and dry ingredients. It used to grind the substance into powdered form. The grinder has also two types.

A. Coffee grinder
B. Meat grinder

3. The mixer cum grinder or mixie

The appliance which has a combination of mixer and grinder is called the mixie. Mixie has separate have jars for the dry and wet grinding. This is the most important companion of the woman in the kitchens. Generally, the jar of wet jars is larger in size.

4. Price

This is an important point because every people has a different economical condition.
So they should choose the product according to their pocket. Our article based on the Best low-cost mixer grinder because 2500rs is an affordable price for every people.

5. Product design

Most of the time power is important for the mixer. But the design of the mixie is also a concerning factor. When we go to the market to buy the mixer we have a sleek design in our mind, because it is very easily fitted yo our kitchens. If we talk about the present time, L shaped design or tower design is popular today. The advantage of tower designs is that users can easily clean it.

6. Overload protection

The feature of overload protection is an essential feature. Because some times when we overfill the jars and run the mixer for a long time, then mixer feels overloading. In this situation, the motor can burn. So for escaping from this problem we should choose that Product which has the feature of overload protection.

7. Incher/pulse feature

This feature is provided to the mixer for the controlling of speed. This Speed setting option is very good for the making of milkshakes, whipping of eggs, and other delicate foods.

8. Warranty duration

Warranty duration of mixer grinder is an important point. Because we can do replace and repairs the mixer in the warranty period. The warranty period is different to every product.  So we should check out the warranty periods of mixer grinder before buying it.

Generally, most of the mixer has 2 to 5 years warranty period and some mixer has 7 to 10 years warranty which is rare to the current time.  However, the motor and body of an appliance have a different duration of the warranty is provided by companies. The motor has provided a high duration of warranty and body of appliance provide a low duration of the warranty.

9. Power

Most of the mixers consume 500W energy, which enough for the grinding of spices, nuts, chillies, garlic etc. But the new mixers consumes 750W power for preparing of a dish like dosa, idly, etc and those mixers which consume energy more than 600W they can be a little bit noisy. But most of the people prefer those mixer grinders which is energy efficient. On Indian kitchens point of view 500W power is enough. But if you have a larger family then you can go for mixer grinder with 750watts.

10. Speed Controls and settings

Controlling of mixer grinder is also an important point. When we going to market we were found various types of mixer grinder in which speed setting option is available. They control the speed of motor efficiently. So we should keep this point in our mind before buying the mixer grinder.

Some FAQ about Best Mixer Grinder

Q1. How long a mixer grinder does offer the warranty service?
Warranty period mainly depends on the brand and product which is you are going to buy. Because some mixer grinder offers 2 to 5 years warranty and some mixer grinder are offering 7 to 10 years warranty. But the important point is that motor and body of the appliance has a different warranty period.

Q2. What components are included in a mixer grinder?
Ans. In mixer grinder includes many things like chutney jar, grinding jar, anti-slip feet design, liquid jar, speed control knob, lid if jar, etc.

Q3. What are the benefits of using a mixer grinder?
Ans. The mixer grinder is an interesting kitchen appliance, which does not remain new for modern kitchens. It is a very helpful appliance which is used to grinding, baking etc. This is good for working women and who want to save their time. Because it is a time-efficient appliance.

Q4. What is a mixer grinder?
Ans. A mixer grinder is a modern kitchen appliance which is used to grind masalas and used to prepare chutney etc. By using a mixer you can prepare the tasty dish, and enjoy the cooking. It is also an energy-saving appliance. Because those masalas which are you grind in 10 minutes with the traditional way, you can grind that masala in less than 5 minutes with mixer grinder.

Q5. It is possible to use a juicer for citrus juicing?
Ans. Why not, you can definitely use them for the citrus juicing, but before putting them too into the jar make sure remove the seeds. In this way, you can blend orange, watermelon, spinach etc.

Q6. Is it possible to mix the food without holding the upper lid?
Ans. Yes, you can. But before doing so confirm that lid is closed properly.

We hope that you get all your answer related to this best mixer grinder if it is really helpful for you so don’t forget to comment below and if you still have any questions you can ask us through Contact us or comment below.

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