Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India

Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India

Hey, if you looking for the Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India then we make your work easier because here we come up with Top 5 Best Hot and Cold water purifier for you.

We Select these Hot and cold water Purifier after extensive research these are one of the best hot and cold water purifier available in India and we also provided the buyer’s guide which helps you in selecting the best water purifier if you want to select yourself.

We always try to make your shopping easier that’s why we do continues effort to come up with the best product for you after exploring so many options. We select these Top 5 Best Hot and cold water purifier after extensive research.

1. A.O Smith Z1 UV 10L wall mountable

This is a demandable product, which comes at a very reasonable price. This A.O Smith Z1 model provides you with healthy water. It is a stylish model which comes with night assist feature and increases the beauty of your kitchen. That’s why it is the best hot and cold water purifier.

A.O Smith Z1 UV 10L wall mountable

Features and details

  • It comes with one year warranty on all functional and electrical part, except UV lam and filters.
  • Colour of the purifier is black.
  • Power of the purifier is 36 watts.
  • Product dimensions is 36.9cm*32.6cm*48.2cm.
  • The input water temperature of the purifier is 5°C to 45°C.
  • The operative input voltage of the purifier is 150- 300V AC.

Specification in details

1. 5 stage purification with UV technology.
This purifier machine purifies the water through the five-stage. The series of the passing of water are Pre- filter+ Sediment filter+ Silver activated post carbon+ UV lamp+ UFSS. After passing through these steps this water purifier provides you with healthy drinking water.

2. Advance UV lamp.
This feature is suitable for those water which has low TDS. This feature allows getting healthy water with the help of 11 watt UV lamp.

3. Night assist.
This feature increases the beauty of your kitchen and it guides you to your water purifier in the night.

4. Digital display.
It comes with a digital display, which makes it simple and provides an intelligent display of information.

5. UV life alert.
It is indicated in advance when the UV lamp needs to be changed.


1. The price of the purifier is cheap.

2. It has multiple purification stages.

3. Suitable for low TDS water.

4. Price is affordable.

1. The storage tank of the purifier is not made up of with stainless steel.

2. AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 litre wall mountable

AO Smith is a famous brand, which is known for the manufacturing of water heaters. This brand also is known for its innovative ideas. This brand manufacturers high performing products. So we can say this purifier will be one of the best hot and cold water purifier.

AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 litre wall mountable

Features and details

  • Colour of the purifier is black.
  • Power requirement is 60Watts.
  • It comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty which includes all filters and RO membrane.
  • Input water temperature is 5°C to 45°C.
  • The input water voltage of the purifier is 150- 300V AC, 50HZ.
  • Product dimensions is 36.9cm*32.6cm*48.2cm.

Specification in details

1. 8 stage purification
This water purifier comes 8 stage purification technology. In this technology passes through 8 stages and then it is purified. The order of passing of water are Pre- filter+Sediment filter+carbon block+ART MAX+ Patented Side Stream RO Membrane+ Min- Tech+ZX double protection dual filter.

2. MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)
This is an essential feature of the purifier because it adds essential minerals back to the water. In this manage that taste of water remains fresh. It also ensures that the PH of the water remains at a balanced quantity, which is essential for the drinking of water.

3. ART (Advance Recovery Technology).
This technology saves lots of water from wastage. It saves 9000 litres of water every year. This all occurred due to this technology.

4. RO+SCMT( Silver Charged Membrane Technology)
This is an additional stage of purification which protect from any kind of microbial contamination.


1. It can be used for those water which has TDS upto 2000ppm.

2. It saves 9000 litres water every year with the technology of ART( ADVANCE RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY).

3. Purify water through 8 stages.

4. The customer rating is good.

1. Users unable to take water in large bowl

3. Hi-tech fusion CT RO+Hot & Cold water purifier.

Hi-tech is the first brand which brings the top of the class reverse osmosis technology in India. This company is established in the year 1975.

Hi-tech fusion CT RO+Hot & Cold water purifier

Features in details

  • Package dimensions is 45.01cm*40.01cm*38cm.
  • Weight of the package is 17kg.
  • Colour of the purifier is silver grey.
  • It has three different modes hot, cold and normal temperature modes.
  • It comes with minimalist and stylish wide design for bowls and pots.
  • This model is designed in this way so that it can be used in homes or small offices.
  • It has a stainless steel water tank.

Specifications in detail

1. Child lock safety feature.
This is an essential feature which ensures every family that he can use it without taking stress.  Because those families who have a small kid can damage it and they can be injured also.

2. Purification system.
In this water purifies by passing through these following steps:-

3. PRE- SEDIMENT-  This is the first unit which purifies the water. This is used to separate the big particles like whose size is 5 micron. In this way rust, mud, debris &dirt remove out from the water.

4. SEDIMENT:- This is the second stage of purification. This filter is designed in this way to remove out solid particles like whose size is around 10 micron from the water.

5. CTO FILTER:- This is the third level of purification. This filter has removed those contaminants which is form the chemical bond with other elements like carbon, chlorine, and olive organic compounds and other harmful components.

6. RO MEMBRANE FILTRATION- RO FILTER:- This is the very sized efficient filter which is capable to remove the impurities like whose size is 0.0001 micron. These impurities are heavy metallic substances, ionized substance & microorganisms, salts and etc.

7. POST CARBON:- This filter improves the quality of your of drinking water and remove out the chlorine, tastes, and odours.


1. It has a child lock safety feature.

2. Multiple purification stages to purify the water.

3. This is good for homes and small offices.

4. It has an antibacterial stainless steel water tank.

5. LED for the indication of hot and cold water.

1. Not available in different colours.

4. LG WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier, Black

LG is a south Korean company. This is a very famous company, which is manufacturers the many electrical appliances. Along with that it is also manufacturers water purifiers. LG never compromise with their quality.

LG WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier, Black

Features and details

  • The capacity of the purifier is 7.3 litres.
  • Colour of the purifier is black.
  • It comes with a one year warranty on the product.
  • Product dimensions is 29cm*48cm*52cm.
  • Weight of the Product is 18kg.
  • This purifier comes with owner manual, warranty card along with water purifier.

Specification in detail

1. True RO Filtration
Water contains many impurities like pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, and others impurities. In this RO plays an important role because it is ensured to remove out all impurities and provide the purest form of water.

The unique thing is about RO is that it can remove out all kinds of impurities of contaminated water, but it is not possible for conventional filters.

2. One-touch hot, cold & normal.
  This is an interesting feature, with the help of this feature you can enjoy both types of temperature. With the help of this one-touch hot and cold function, you can get hot water at 90°C and cold water at 5°C instantly. Along with you can also enjoy coffee, tea, smoothies, cocktails etc. This all work occurs only by touching one button.

3. Four reasons to buy this product.
  1. True maintenance.
  2. True filtration.
  3. True preservation.
  4. True RO Filtration.


1. It has digital sterilizing care.

2. Smart lighting feature.

3. It has dual protection stainless steel tank.

1. It is an expensive water purifier.

5. Blue star Stella ST4BSHC01 8.2L RO+UV water purifier (black/silver)

The blue star is an Indian company. In nowadays blue star became India,s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. The annual revenue of the blue star is more than 5200 crores.

Blue star Stella ST4BSHC01 8.2L RO+UV water purifier (black/silver)

Features and details

  • It comes with one year warranty on the Product.
  • The capacity of purifier is 8.2L.
  • Product dimensions is 29cm*49.7cm*47.4cm.
  • The weight of the product is 19.3kg.
  • Tank type is food grade plastic.
  • The water purifier comes along with the installation kit, user manual, etc.
  • The technology used by this water purifier is RO+UV.

Specification in details

1. Child lock function.
This feature is essential for safety purpose. Because this feature protects you and your children from accidental burns.

2. Hot, cold and ambient pure water.
The dispense of this purifier can cold water cold up to 5°C and hot water up to 85°C. This task is done by just clicking one button.

3. Double layered RO+UV protection.
This double-layered RO plus UV protection ensures that the water which is you were going to drink it would be fully safe. It does not compromise with the quality of water. It removes the ions,  microorganisms, suspended particles, and other impurities.

4. 8.2 litres water tank.
  This 8.2 litres water tank comprises with 0.6L of hot water, 3.4L of cold water, and 4.2L of room temperature water.

5.Ultra-high TDS removal.
This ultra-high TDS removal feature removes the impurities up to 96% and makes the water safe and pure which is your drink.

6. Electronic dispensing button.
With the help of this feature, you can operate it electronically as the place of manually.

7. Touch sensors.
It has touch sensors which are helpful in quick and easy operation between cold, hot and ambient temperature options.

8. Superfine sediment filter.
This filter can remove those impurities whose size is 5 micron. It can remove even the finest sand, and dust.


1. Easy return within 10 days.

2. Child lock.

3. Multiple purification filters.

4. The facility of touch sensors.

5. Electronic dispensing button.

1. Price is expensive for some users.

Buyer’s guide for the Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier.

Most of the customers thought why buying guide is needed for a simple thing like water purifier. But believe at me that buying a water purifier is not simply a task. Because you should look for those things which is good for health perspective. There are many kinds of water purifier are available in the market with the availability of many technologies like RO, UV, UF and so on.

The modern purifiers provide the facility of dispensing of hot as well as cold water.

Filtering Technology
Why we require different technologies for purifying water?

As we all know water contains many types of contaminants. These contaminants can be mineral salt and chemical which is generally released from the chemical factories which are situated near the bank of rivers.

We can trust the natural source like rivers and lake whether it contains or not with impurities. So we should do something the purifying of water. The local municipal authorities various purification methods like chlorination or adding fluorides to the water source.

After discussing these points lets discusses the various types of filtering technology in use today.

  1. Pre- Sediment filter
    The first line of defence in purifying the water. This filter is essential for the removing of bigger impurities. The main reason behind the using of this filtration technology to protect the RO semipermeable membrane from the damage. This filter technology increases the life of the RO membrane by reducing the load on the RO membrane.

There are also many filtration technologies which are the following.

  1. Pre- Activated Carbon filter
  2. Ultrafiltration
  3. RO semipermeable membrane
  4. Ultraviolet protection
  5. Post- activated carbon filter
  6. Spoiler title

Other Technologies in use

These are the normal Technologies which you can easily see in most of the water purifiers.

But the modern purifiers comes with separate hot and cold water dispensing facilities. These special water purifiers come with special technologies which are patented by certain water purifier manufacturers.

1. Advance recovery Technology.
This technology is useful for saving water. This advance recovery Technology saves two times water as compare to ordinary RO water purifier.

2. Silver Charges Membrane Technology (SCMT)
Reverse osmosis is an excellent technology for the purifying of water. But this technology has its own drawbacks, like wasting of water. As we know advance recovery technology used to save the water, which is taken care of water.

The SCMT Technology cares the remaining impurities about the RO process is over. This technology also ensures a double purification of water.

3. Biocote technology
With the help of this technology bacteria and other impurities are eliminated. In this way this technology makes it fit for consumption. As we know water dispensing machines always come in the contact of bacteria and other microbes from the outside.

These bacteria and microbes can negate the all effort of water purifier, that’s why modern purifiers come with Biocote technology.

4. Mineraliser Technology (MIN- TECH)
This technology generally found in the latest water purifiers, especially those water purifiers which is manufactured by the A.O Smith. This technology helps the to replace again the minerals which are lost during the RO process. This feature is essential for the overall health perspective.

Advantages of having water purifier supplying hot and cold water.

1. With the help of water purifier, you got pure water of highest quality

2. You don’t need to boil the separate water for making of soups and tea. You can take hot water directly through the water purifier.

3. The other advantage to not boil the water ensures the less chance of re- contaminating.

Budget is one of the most important points because every people has their own budget. Some users have more money to spend on their product and users has less money to spend. So we should check our pocket before buying the product.

So, these are the points which are every customer should keep in their mind because this information helps you a lot for purchasing of your desirable water purifier.

I hope you get all your answers till now if anything remain you may feel free to ask in comment or Contact Us at [email protected]

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