Best grill microwave oven in India

Best microwave oven grill

If you are looking for the best grill microwave oven in India then you are at the right place. We knew that finding the best microwave oven is now a difficult task because there have lots of microwave ovens available in the market and without knowing about their performance and quality we don’t want to purchase it because everyone wants to purchase the best microwave oven.

What is Grill microwave oven?

Grill Microwave is used to reheat food, defrost or grill meat and vegetable. The grill microwave is best for grilling purpose and that’s why they called as a grill microwave oven.

We don’t want to waste your time and money that’s why we come up with the Top 10 Best grill microwave oven in India available in the market. We select these Best grill microwave oven after extensive research.

1. Bajaj majesty 1603 T 16 litre oven toaster grill

The Bajaj company is known for its electrical appliances. This is one of the oldest company which is working dedicatedly for many years. The innovation of Bajaj simplifying human life. Rather than the microwave oven, Bajaj is producing fans, mixer grinder, and many other Home and Kitchen appliances. We prefer this brand because it is an Indian and mostly loved by Indian consumers

Bajaj majesty 1603 T 16 litre oven toaster grill

Features and details

  • The capacity of the oven is 16 Litres.
  • Body of the oven is made up of stainless steel.
  • It has a one year warranty.
  • Product dimensions is 43.5cm*34cm*32cm
  • Power consumtion 1200 watt.
  • This oven has many cooking capabilities like baking, grilling, toasting

Specification in details

1. 16 litres capacity.
This microwave oven comes with 16 litres storage capacity. The capacity of this microwave is a plus point of this oven because you fit it anywhere in your kitchen.

2. Stainless steel powder coated body.
This is one of the best features of this microwave oven because it protects the body of the microwave oven from rusting.

3. 5 accessories included.
This oven has five accessories that are grill tray, baking tray, crumb tray, skewer rods, tongs for baking.

4. 60 minutes timer.
If you want to control your cooking according to your requirement then this feature is for you. Because with the help of this feature you can build the timer, and this timer alerts you once the cooking is complete.


1.The facility of timer for control your cooking.

2. Cooking capability is high.

3. Easy to return within 10 days with a full refund.

4. This oven is suitable for 2-3 people.

5. Design of heating element is unique.

1. Glass utensils can not be used in it.

2. IFB 17L grill microwave oven

IFB company is founded in 1974. The headquarter of this company is in Bangalore. IFB is known for manufacturing the best home & kitchen appliances. It also produced the best grill microwave oven.

IFB 17L grill microwave oven

Features and details

  • The capacity of this oven is 17L.
  • It has a one-year comprehensive warranty on product and 3 years warranty on magnetron.
  • Operating voltage of this oven is 230 volts.
  • Power consumption of microwave is 1200 watts and for the grill is 900 Watts.
  • It has a child lock system.
  • Multi-stage cooking system.
  • LED display of microwave.
  • Along with cooking, reheating, defrosting
  • this oven has also grilling system.
  • It also comes with a starter kit.
  • You can control this oven by touching the keypad, which is very easy and you can clean that very easily.

Specification in details

1. Steam clean.
This feature essential for keeping your oven grease-free.

2. 41 standard menus.
This oven has a number of menus are available, you can prepare lots of dishes with the help of this oven.

3. Auto defrost.
It has the function of auto defrosting. You just need to enter the weight of the food item for easy defrosting.

4. Sharing secrets.
Buy an IFB microwave oven then you to get to chance to participate microwave cooking classes for the preparing of healthiest recipes.

5. Grill mode.
Due to the double grill function, you can distribute the heat evenly. In this way, you can prepare the food in just a minute and then you enjoy that.

6. Overheating protection.
This is the appliance saving feature which protects the microwave from overheating. Due to this feature microwave got automatically off when it is felt that the temperature got high.

7. Express cooking.
The cooking speed of this microwave is very fast. You just need to set the weight and press the buttons.


1. Safe appliance even for children.

2. Brand provides user manual.

3. Many numbers of auto cook menus.

4. Suitable oven for bachelors and small families.

5. LED display which makes it easy to control (Batteries are not required).

1. Price is a little bit high for some users.

3. Panasonic 20L Grill microwave oven

Panasonic is a Japanese brand. This brand has pride for their products because they manufacture one of the amazing and best microwave ovens.

Panasonic 20L Grill microwave oven

Features and details

  • The capacity of the oven is 20L.
  • Grill power of oven is 1000W.
  • Microwave power is 800W.
  • One year warranty on the product.
  • It has 38 Auto cook menu.No
  • 26 Indian menu.
  • Colour of the oven is white.

Specification in details

1. Re-Heat
This oven has Auto programmed modes. With the help of this, you can reheat your food in just a few minutes.

2. Choose from a variety of menu, every time
This oven comes with a large variety of pre-programmed recipes. You can set the time and temperature.


1. This oven is suitable for 4-5 members.

2. It has a defrosting system.

3. Feature of reheating.

4. No requirement for batteries.

1. This oven is a little expensive.

4. Prestige POTG 19 PCR 1380 watt oven toaster grill

Prestige is a famous brand and famous for produced home appliances. It fulfills the various needs of homes & kitchens. This is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. It is at the forefront of making innovation.

Prestige POTG 19 PCR 1380 watt

Features and details

  • The capacity of the microwave oven is 19L.
  • Warranty of the product is 1 year.
  • Package dimensions is 49.6cm*37cm*34.4cm.
  • Voltage requirement of the oven is 230V.
  • Comes with warranty card.
  • It has 4 stainless steel heaters.
  • One unit drop-down crumb tray.

Specification in details

1. Prestige oven toaster griller 19L PCR.
This prestige oven toaster griller allows you to prepare tasty dishes like pizzas, tikkas, kebabs, cakes, bread, biscuits, baked vegetables, and many more. This oven 1380 watts powerful motor. It is suitable for 2-3 members. It is a durable product.

2. Rotisserie function.
This appliance has a removable rod and 3 grips which is helpful for the uniform heating because this allows to heat at all five positions.

3. Temperature control with timer.
This feature allows you to control the temperature. This feature allows identifying the temperature which is essential for good cooking. This also allows you to set the timer for Cooking of food.

4. Robust stay cool handle.
This feature is essential for an escape from burning of hand. Because due to this function handle of the oven always remain cool, it does not matter that how much temperature is within.

5. Enameled baking tray & steel wire rack.
Due to the enamelled baking tray oven gets a long-lasting look for a long time.  This feature is also good for easy maintenance and better baking performance for everyday use.

6. High-efficiency stainless steel heaters.
It has 4 high-quality stainless steel heaters which provide fast heat and faster cooking and durability.

7. Full-size glass doors.
It has full-size glass doors which is help you to view your preparation easier, it also makes the cleaning of the oven so easy.

8.Thoughtful accessories for convenience.
This oven comes with very thoughtful accessories, which make the baking an interesting task.

1.Good for 3 to 4 members.

2. Installation is free.

3. Multitasking capability.

4. Easy to use.

5. Full-sized glass doors.

6. The look is elegant.

7. Durable product.

8. The function of temperature and timer.

9. Provides safety from burning.

1. Not available in various colours.

5. Bajaj 20L grill microwave oven

Bajaj is an Indian company. It is founded by Jamna Lal Bajaj in Rajasthan 1940s. Along with a microwave oven, it is also produced many products like fans, mixer grinder, cooler etc and its also known for producing the best microwave oven in India.

Features and details

  • The capacity of oven is 20L.
  • One year warranty on the product.
  • Comes with a warranty card and user manual.
  • 30 minute cooking time alarm.
  • It is a grill microwave that’s why you can use it for grilling along with Reheating defrosting and cooking.
  • It has the feature of combination cooking.
  • Colour of the product is black.
  • Power usage is 1200 watts.

Specification in details

1. 20L capacity.
This 2016 MTBX microwave oven has 20L capacity, which provides good performance and convenience.

2. Microwave & Grill combo.
This microwave oven has come with high performing functions which make the cooking so enjoyable.

3. Defrost feature.
This is a very special and good feature of this microwave because this allows you to prepare the frozen food for cooking without having to go through all that trouble.

4. Multi-stage cooking.
This microwave oven is good for those type of peoples who loves the cooking. Because it comes with multi-stage cooking feature for the convenience.

5. Multiple power levels.
This oven has the feature of multiple power levels, which allows you to change the power at different levels.

6. Cooking time alarm.
Cooking time alarm helps you to know how much time remains for your cooking to over. And in between the cooking time to you can do the other work.

7. Thermal fuse.
This feature provides the safety to your microwave oven.


1. Safe product.

2. Feature of cooking alarm.

3. You can control it through jog dials.

4. Comes Multi-stage cooking feature.

5. Suitable for bachelors and small families.

1. Not comes with the starter kit.

2. Utensils of metal can not be used

6. Godrej 20L Grill microwave oven

Godrej is a reputed and older brand. It serves for the last 61 years. It makes their first refrigerator in 1958 and it’s now a very popular Indian brand that also makes the best microwave oven.

Godrej 20L Grill microwave oven

Features and detail

  • It comes with one year warranty on the product and 3 years on the magnetron.
  • The capacity of the oven is 20L.
  • It has 150 intscook recipes.
  • It has also a powder-coated cavity.
  • Cooking mode of the oven is the grill.
  • Colour of the oven is the coral blossom.

Specification in details

1. Deodorizer steam clean.
This feature of this oven is removed out the all residual smell of the oven and makes the oven hygienic and fresh.

2. Multi distribution system.
The multi-distribution system of the oven allows you to make faster cooking, and due to this feature heat is distributed evenly.

3. You can prepare the soft paneer, aromatic ghee, and refreshing curd with help of this microwave oven.

4. The 360 degree motorized rotisserie by rotating itself allows the cooking and grill the food uniformly.

5. You can prepare lots of Indian dishes through this microwave oven like paratha, kulcha, bread-like nan, burger bun, etc in just through easy steps.

6. In India, many dishes are not complete without the tadka. And you can complete your wish with the help of this microwave oven.


1. It is an Indian brand.

2. Good for 3 to 4 members.

3. Comes with the multi-distribution system.

4. You can prepare lots of Indian dishes.

5. Deodorizer steam clean system.

1. Cost of the oven is little high.

7. Agaro majestic 19L oven toaster grill with five heating modes

This Agaro mixer grinder is loved by many customers because it fulfils their need although Agaro is not a very famous brand, but it provides the product at a very affordable price.

Agaro majestic 19L oven toaster grill with five heating modes

Features and details

  • The capacity of the oven is 19L.
  • The oven comes with a one year warranty.
  • Power consumption of oven is 1600 watts.
  • Operating voltage of oven is 230V/50Hz.
  • Product dimensions is 28cm*24cm*16cm.
  • Auto shut off system.
  • Feature of roasting, baking, grilling, toasting and more.
  • Adjust temperature between 100°C to 250°C.
  • It comes with a heat resistant tempered glass window.
  • This oven has an illuminated chamber.

Specification in details

1. 5 stage heating gives you a host of options.
This Agaro microwave oven comes with a five-stage cooking option which fulfils your all needs like baking, toasting, and the needs of grilling. Rather than it, this oven comes with other features like top heating, bottom heating, rotisserie with bottom heating etc. These options are clearly displayed function knob, you can easily choose that according to your choice.

2. Motorized rotisserie for lip-smacking grills.
This feature provides you with the option of spit roasting of chicken or vegetables. The circular motion of oven cooks the meat evenly. Many people’s has desired to eat delicious meat or veggie kebab. They can fulfil their desires with the help of this microwave oven.

3. Easy temperature controls | 60 min timer| Ready alarm.
Cooking time is dependent on the recipe which you are going to cook. With the help of this feature, you can get the desired temperature. A timer allows you to set the desired time of cooking. And when recipe became ready then the alarm will ring to you. In this way, this feature makes cooking a very simple task.


1.This oven is good for bachelors and small families.

2. Multiple heating modes.

3. Durable Product.

4. Comes with the feature of a timer, alarm, and temperature control.


1. No facility of convection.

2. It does not come with recipe manual.

8. Usha 29L oven toaster grill

Usha is also an Indian Brand. At the present time, the turnover of this company is about 2000 crores. This brand produced many things like fans, sewing machines, water coolers etc. It is a very trusted brand in India and many Indian loved to buy the product of this brand.

Usha 29L oven toaster grill

Features and details

  • The capacity of the oven is 29L.
  • This comes with two years warranty.
  • Multiple cooking capabilities like toasting, grilling, baking etc.
  • Body of the oven is made up of with steel.
  • It has a thermostat feature which provides temperature up to 250 degree Celsius.
  • The wattage of the oven is 1600W.
  • Product dimensions is 50.7cm*38.5cm*30.8cm.

1.It has the feature of 360 degree rotisserie.

2. Comes with an illuminated chamber.

3. It is cooked the meal at an optimal temperature.

4. It also comes with the function of keep warm function.

5. Comes with plus five accessories.

1. It does not come with recipe book.

9. iBELL EO19LG 19L oven toaster grill

This Ibell 19L oven comes with the convection technology, which has easy functions and modern design. It is a perfect oven for your kitchen. It specially designed by keeping the users need in mind.

iBELL EO19LG 19L oven toaster grill

Features and details

  • The capacity of this oven is 19L.
  • One year standard and one-year additional warranty.
  • Power consumption of oven is 1500 watt.
  • Operating voltage is 230V.
  • It has tempered glass.
  • Feature of heat resistant.
  • Package dimensions is 48.5cm* 36cm*34cm.
  • It has also multiple features like power light, timer, glass door handle, Heating element, glass door clips, bake rack.

1.This oven is good for 3 to 4 peoples.

2. Feature of operational dials.

3. Easy to adjust the temperature.

4. Easy to maintain the oven.

5. Feature of a timer, which makes the cooking easy.

6. Feature of auto shut after cooking time is over.

1. Makes little noise

10. Morphy Richards OTG Besta 18L oven toaster grill

Morphy Richards is a famous brand. The headquarter of Morphy Richards is situated in the UK. Morphy Richards follows the unique approach towards the quality of their products. It is already made his reputation in the Indian markets.

Morphy Richards OTG Besta 18L oven toaster grill

Features and details

  • The capacity of oven is 18L.
  • Power consumption is 1400 watts.
  • It has a removable crumb tray.
  • Feature of 60 minutes timer.
  • Motorized rotisserie.
  • This oven has the feature of temperature control.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty on the product.
  • You can change the oven to bake mode.
  • Product dimensions is 43.5cm*34cm* 32cm.

Specification in details

1. Stay on function
This feature ensures that food remains hot even after the 2 hours. It retains the freshness and flavours.

2. Motorized rotisserie
This feature is essential for grilling kebabs and paneer tikka, and roasting of chicken.

3. Temperature controller
With the help of this feature, you can adjust your desired temperature for your all type of dishes

4. Removable crumb tray
This feature allows you to easily clean the oven. It also protects the bottom of the OTG chamber.

5. Bake mode
It is a revolutionary feature which gives you a smart cooking result. So now you can whatever you desired to cook.

6. Timer.
The 60-minute timer function prevents your meal from burnt and excessive heat.


1.Function to keep food warm even after cooking.

2. Easy to clean.

3. Revolutionary feature.

4. Easy to adjust the temperature

1. There is no light inside the oven.

FAQ – Best Grill Microwave Oven

Q1. Can microwave ovens automatically remove the bad/ food odours?
Ans. The microwave oven comes with deodorizer which is removed out bad smells and kill the germs of inside. Secondary it keeps the food fresh and provides hygiene to the oven.

Q2 Do microwave ovens consume more power than other kitchen appliance?
Ans. Yes, Microwave ovens consume more energy like ACs, washing machines etc. Secondary it depends upon power consumption of various microwave ovens. Generally most of the ovens 600 to 1500 watts.

Q3. Is inverter microwave better?
Those microwaves which have inverter technology relies basically on the inverter as the main power source.

Q4. Do microwave ovens kill the nutrients present in the food?
No, does not kill nutrients of food during cooking the food. It is just a myth.

Q5 can we use metal cookware in a convection microwave oven?
Generally, metal cookware is not recommended to cook food in a convection microwave oven. If we used metal cookware then food remains uncooked.

Q6. What type of cookware can I use in a microwave?
we should use wax paper, glass and ceramic glass in the Microwave. Materials like aluminium, plastic, steel etc not used until the manufacturer specially mentioned that it is safe to use.

Q7. How long does a microwave last?
Ans. Generally, the average life of the microwave are 9-10 years. Secondary it depends on the brand to brand and how much we care about our microwave. But if we found some defect in the microwave then we can repair free of cost under the period of warranty.

We Hope that you like our efforts and you get all your answer in this article but if you still have any questions you may feel free to comment below we try to answer them.

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