Double Door Fridge Under 20000

Best Double Door Fridge Under 20000

If you are looking for the Double door fridge under 20000 then you are at right place. To save your time and make your work more easier we have done the extensive research to find out the Best double door Refrigerator under 20000.

Buying a Refrigerator is a long term investment and we doesn’t want that anyone’s money gets wasted after choosing the wrong product that’s why we work hard to select the best for you after looking the various products. We analyse the product quality, Brand, customer review, etc. Then we choose the Top 5 Best Double door Fridge Under 20000.

1. Whirlpool 245L 2 star frost free double door refrigerator.

Whirlpool is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer. It is famous for the manufacturing of home appliances. It is headquartered in Benton charter township. The annual revenue of this company is approximately $ 21 billion. Thatswhy it is a manufacturers one of the best Refrigerators and it is a best double door refrigerator under 20000.

Whirlpool 245L 2 star frost free double door refrigerator

Features and details

  • Frost-free refrigerator.
  • The capacity of this fridge is 245L.
  • This product comes with a one year warranty on Product and 10 years warranty on compressor.
  • The energy rating of this product is 2 star.
  • BEE rating of this product is 3 star, and in 2020 is 2 star.
  • Annual energy consumption is 244-kilowatt hours.
  • Freezer capacity is 75L.
  • Colour of the fridge is grey.
  • Defrost system is automatic.
Special features in detail

1. Micro block technology: This Refrigerator has Micro block technology which prevents the growth of bacteria, it keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for long hours.

2. Fresh air tower with Flexi vents: This feature of fridge provides fresh air to the different section of Refrigerator which is helping to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh.

3. Chilling gel: The chilling gel stores the cool air which generally released during the power cuts. In this way, it prevents the ice from melting and other items from becoming spoiled.

4. Ice twister: Due to its twist-action it is dispensed and collect ice cubes easily inside the collector box.

5. Freshonizer: Freshonizer helps to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables. They do so by reducing the oxidation of fruits and vegetables.

6. Active deo: This feature of Refrigerator keeps the environment of fridge fresh and odour free. 7. Sixth sense deep freeze technology. This technology of fridge provides full circular airflow which is helping to keep the vegetables fresh.


1.Stabilizer Free Operation.

2. It has the facility of active deo.

3. It has also ice twister and collector.

4. Battery is not required.

5. Scientific air tower designed.

6. Microblock technology.


1. There is no bulb in freezer department.

2. It is not a convertible Refrigerator.

3. It has not inverter compressor.

2. Godrej 236L 2 star inverter frost free double door refrigerator.

The headquarter of Godrej are situated in India. It is an Indian company. The founder of Godrej company is Ardeshir Godrej, Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej. The revenue of Godrej is US$ 4.1 billion in 2015. The number of employees are worked under this company is 28000 in 2016. It is known for making one best double door fridge below 20000.

Godrej 236L 2 star inverter frost free double door refrigerator.

Features and details

  • The capacity of the Refrigerator is 256L.
  • It is a frost-free double door refrigerator.
  • One year warranty on the product, and ten-year warranty on the compressor.
  • Energy rating is 2 star.
  • Annual energy consumption is 243-kilowatt hours.
  • Freezer capacity is 64L.
  • Refrigerator fresh food capacity is 170L.
  • Material of this fridge made up of steel.
  • Automatic defrost system.
  • Colour of this is royal denim.
Special features in detail:

1. Jumbo vegetable tray: Vegetable tray of this fridge is jumbo size. It has lots of space. You can store lots of veggies in your refrigerator.

2. Anti-bacterial removable gasket: This feature of refrigerator help to keep the food germ free and fresh.

3. Toughened glass shelves: The shelf of the refrigerator is made up of with the toughened glass. You can assume its toughness from these words that it can hold 150kg of weight.

4. Bright LED light: The bright and efficient LED light ensures that different compartment of refrigerator you can easily.

5. Large tray chiller: With the help of this tray, you can hold five 2 litres of water bottles easily. In this way, you can take the joy of chilled water for most of the time.

6. 62 years of thoughtful appliances: This is an old company. It is stabilized in the year 1958. Thatswhy Godrej has lots of experience. So you can trust on the refrigerator of Godrej.


1. No batteries are required.

2. Large vegetable tray.

3. Experienced manufacturer.

4. Vegetable and fruits remain fresh and germ-free.

5. Shelf of the refrigerator are powerful.

6. Different compartment of refrigerator has LED light.

1. Some customers reviews are not good for this product.

3. Godrej 240L 2 star inverter frost free double door refrigerator.

As we all know that Godrej is an Indian company. It is produced by many types of product. But the refrigerator of Godrej is a one of best home appliance. Thatswhy we include it in the list of best double door refrigerator below 20000.

Godrej 240L 2 star inverter frost free double door refrigerator.

Features and details

  • Capacity of refrigerator is 240L.
  • It comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.
  • It has stabilizer free Operation.
  • This fridge has many qualities like toughened glass, door lock, removable gasket, interior light, deep bottom chiller tray,  Aroma lock, anti-b technology.
  • It has silver colour.
Special features in details

1. 62 years of thoughtful appliances: As we already discussed that it is stabilized in the year of 1958. Thatswhy Godrej manufacturers their products with lots of experience.

2. Bright LED lighting: It has a bright LED light. This feature allows us to see the Product of the fridge easily. Because it is produced an illuminated light for the illumination of various compartments of refrigerator.

3. Door lock: This feature is very essential if your family have small children. If there was no lock in your refrigerator then they can open it, and damaged the Product of refrigerator. But the feature of door lock solves your problem.

4. Anti-bacterial removable gasket: This feature is useful if you want to keep your food fresh and germ. It is worked as that silver ions of air duct antimicrobial resistance in the gasket keeps it fresh and germ-free.

5. 2.25 aqua space: It has large-sized bottles storage. You can store up to 2.25L bottle. In this way can enjoy it when your friends came to you for a party.

6. Aroma lock: It is a different type of lock which is used to lock the delicious freshness of your food.

7. Toughened glass shelves: The shelves of this fridge is made up of with toughened glass. It can lift weight up to 120kg.

8. Large chiller tray: This tray allows you to fit 5 one litre bottles easily. In this way, you can enjoy with lots of water and drinks.

9. Jumbo vegetable tray: This fridge has a jumbo vegetable tray which helps you to store a large quantity of veggies. Thatswhy it is good for large families.

10. Large freezer space: It has a large-sized freezer which can easily accommodate your frozen foods.

11. Faster pull downtime: This feature helps to drop the temperature very fastly, in this way it is cooled the items of fridge in very less time.


1. It has the feature of aroma lock.

2. Safe for children.

3. Good for large-sized families.

4. Trusted product.

5. It has the feature of bright LED light.

6. Shelves of fridge is very strong.

7. Cooling time is so faster.

1. Not suitable for small families.

4. Samsung 253L 1 star frost free double foor refrigerator.

Samsung is a South Asian company. The founder of Samsung is Lee Byung Chul. The headquarter of Samsung is situated in Seoul. It is founded in the year of 1938. Samsung is a famous brand which manufacturers the many products like mobile, refrigerator, washing machine etc. In every field the Product of Samsung is excellent. The refrigerator of Samsung is a famous appliance that why we include it in our list of best double door fridge under 20000.

Samsung 253L 1 star frost free double foor refrigerator

Features and details

  • The capacity of the Refrigerator is 253L.
  • Warranty is one year on product and ten years on compressor.
  • The shelf of the Refrigerator is made up of toughened glass.
  • Energy rating is 1 star.
  • The colour of the fridge is elegant Inox.
  • Inverter compressor of this fridge is energy efficient, less noisy, and more durable.
  • It is a frost-free double door refrigerator.


Special features in details

1. Moist fresh zone: It is an important feature of this fridge because it controls the air circulation for the maintenance of humidity.

2. Movable ice maker: This feature provides you facility of flexible movable ice makes.

3. Big bottle guard: Big bottle guard allow us to chill the large tall drinks.

4. Easy slide shelf: This feature allows you to find the keep the food easily in the shelf of Refrigerator.

5. Toughened glass shelves: The shelves of the refrigerator is made up with the toughened glass which can hold up to 150kg of heavy food items.

6. High Efficient LED light: It comes with LED light which illuminates every corner of the interior.

7. Recess handle: The design of the fridge is very ergonomic. You can open it easily.

1. It suitable for 2 or 3 members.

2. Design is elegant.

3. It comes with an efficient LED light.

4. Good for chilling the large-sized


5. Stabilizer is free.

6. It has digital inverter technology.

7. It cools all around the fridge.
1. Door Lock not Available

5. Haier 258L 3 star frost free double door refrigerator.

Haier is a Chinese company. The headquarter of Haier is situated in the Qingdao china. The founder of Haier is Zhang Ruimin. This company produced Refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines. It is the one of best double door fridge under 20000.

Haier 258L 3 star frost free double door refrigerator.

Features and details

  • The capacity of the fridge is 258L suitable for two-three members in family.
  • Warranty is one year on product and ten years on compressor.
  • It has anti B technology.
  • Frost-free double door refrigerator.
  • Shelf is made up with toughened glass.
  • Colour is dazzle steel.
  • Voltage requirement is 230V.
Special feature in detail

1. Swift convertible: It is available in elegant style. With the help of this technology, you can convert the freezer to fridge and vice versa in just a time of 50 minutes.

2. Turbo icing technology: This technology is very good for saving your time. Because it makes the ice the 200% faster. Due to this technology, it is competing with other brands of refrigerators.

3. Twin energy saving modes: This technology saves your energy. It has two energy-saving modes. One mode saves 15% energy and another mode saves 30% energy. In this way, this technology makes this product an energy-efficient Refrigerator.

4. Movable ice tray: This technology provides you with extra vacant space for the store of bottles, cupcakes and others. This occurs due to the movable ice tray.

5. Elegant design: This Refrigerator comes with an elegant design. This will be a good choice for your modern kitchen.

6. Antifungal gasket: This fridge has also anti-fungal gasket which is preventing your stored food from the fungal infection.

7. Door lock: It has the feature of the door lock. Which is good safety purpose of children.


1. The look of the fridge is elegant.

2. Safe for the child.

3. Famous brand.

4. Energy efficient appliance.

5. You can clean it easily.

6. Shelves is made up with strong glass.

1. Freezer has not light.

FAQ – Best Double Door Fridge

1. How long should my Refrigerator last?
Ans. It depends upon the customers that how much care their fridge. But according to the fact, we should use small refrigerators on an average of 14 years and standard refrigerators 17 years.

2. How do I care for my Refrigerator?
Ans. If you want to care your Refrigerator then you should follow the following steps.

1. First of all, you should keep your Refrigerator from the stove.
2. Clean the coils regularly.
3. Daily check the temperature of the inside fridge, it will be between 37 to 40 degrees.

3. What are some speciality refrigerators?
Ans. In the market many types of Refrigerators are available. Some refrigerators have the capacity to store up to 14 bottles. This is the newest addition to the modern refrigerators.

4. What is the cost of new Refrigerators?
Ans. The cost of Refrigerators depending upon the features and capacities. Some Refrigerator are costly, some are moderate, and some are available in low price. New models are available between $1500 and $4000.

5. How often should the water filter be replaced?
Ans. According to the owner,s manual you should change the filter two times in a year. But your city water is clean then one time changing of filter is enough.

6. How much energy does it take to run a Refrigerator?
Ans. Refrigerator is not taken as much energy as you think. In the market, there is available lots of Refrigerator,s models which is very energy efficient. It saves your $5 monthly when you are operating at a normal pace.
So if want to save your electricity bill then you should go for energy-efficient models of Refrigerator which is we already included in our list of best double door refrigerator under 20000.

Best Double Door Refrigerator – Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide helps you in selecting the right product for yourself. We have already provided the Buyers Guide for buying a refrigerator in our previous post which is on Best Refrigerator in India 2020. There are several important factors which you need to look for before buying the perfect refrigerator which satisfies all your needs.

If you have more budget and you want to spend more on refrigerator then you can check out Best Refrigerator Under 40000. We have provided the list of Top 10 Best Refrigerator under the budget of 40,000.

We hope that you get the valuable information and the answer of all your question related to Best Double door Fridge Under 20000. But if you have any question then you can ask us through Comment or Contact us.

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