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Hey If you are looking for Best Air cooler in India 2021 you are at the right place. In the present time, the cooler has become common in people. At the place of the air conditioner, people prefer to buy air coolers because of their affordable price and low operational cost. In this article, we discuss Top 10 Best Air cooler.

It is also friendly to the environment because its quality makes it different from other cooling appliances like air conditioners. We want that you get good value for money product So we make our effort to find out the Best Air Cooler in India 2021 for you

Because air conditioners release chlorofluorocarbon which is very harmful for the environment. Because of this ozone layers get depleted. That’s Why UV rays came directly on the earth and caused cancer.

How To Select a Best Air Cooler in India 2021?

If you are thinking to buy a cooler you must know about how many types of cooler available in the market and what is their quality each type of cooler has its own quality such as if you are looking for the best cooler for the room then a personal cooler fulfill your all needs. We did extensive research to find out which is the best air cooler in India 2021 and we have selected Top 10 of them based on their customer reviews, services and features the company provided.

Types of cooler 

  1. Desert cooler 
  2. personal cooler
  3. Tower cooler 
  4. Window cooler 

Desert cooler 

  • Desert cooler used for bigger areas.
  • It has 40 to 50 litres water storage capacity
  • It’s useful for outdoor purpose
  • Provides efficient performance in dry weather.
  • It has huge fans and powerful pumps.
  • Comes with a huge tank capacity.
  • It is used for long hours
  • It produces noise
  • These types of air cooler are used in restaurants, big offices, prayer halls etc.

Personal cooler 

  • Personal cooler as compared to desert the coolers are small in size.
  • These types of coolers placed near our bed, sofa, dining table.
  • It has 25 to 40 litres water storage capacity.
  • Personal cooler made up of caster wheels which helps in easy movability.
  • As compared to desert cooler personal cooler consumes less energy and produce low noise 

Tower cooler 

  • If you have a  problem of space then tower cooler is suitable for you
  • Easily fit in small areas because of its slimmer and sleek version of the air cooler.
  • It has 20 to 40 litres water storage capacity.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Due to the presence of caster wheels, we can easily move it from one place to another place.

Window cooler

  • Window cooler easily installed in the window.
  • These types of cooler don’t occupy the more space of the room.
  • It’s energy efficient and used just one upon the tenth part of the energy which is used by A.C
  • 50 litres water storage capacity.
  • It’s useful for outdoors.
  • It is used in small offices, kids rooms or personal spaces.

1. Symphony siesta 70 litres air cooler (white)

Symphony siesta is one of the best selling cooler of the symphony because of its great cooling and comforts it provide, it produces low noise and offers a good cooling that’s why it satisfy most of t

Features and details-

  • Capacity: 70 litres ideal for room size upto 370 sq.ft.
  • Product dimensions (L.B.H):61.8cm.50.5cm.111.5cm.
  • Specially designed grill for better air throw.
  • Powerful 16-inch fan.
  • Power 16 watts, operating voltage 220 voltage.
  • Always allows cross-ventilation in your area.


  • Cooler is silent with low noise.
  • We can keep it indoor.


  • Mosquito protectors are not available.
  • Not remote control available.

2. Symphony winter XL 80 litres air cooler (white).

Symphony is the best cooler brand in India and when it comes to cooler this brand is a favourite choice of Indian because it provides good quality products and good customer service too that’s why this brand is very famous among cooler.

Features and details:

  • 80 litres water tank capacity.
  • Powerful fan with 3 speed motor.
  • Keep the window door open for cross ventilation also works on inverter power.
  • Multi-directional caster wheels in winter 80 XL provides easy mobility and movement of the personal cooler.
  • Provides I- pure technology for multistage air purification that comprises 5 stage filters against dust, smell, allergy, bacteria, and wash.


  • Extra-large cooling for a large surrounding.
  • Multistage air purification.
  • Fan speed control knob.
  • Cool and swing control knob.


  • Not remote control available .
  • It is a desert cooler not fit in a small area.

3. Aisen desert cooler for home office 55 litre -Magna A55DMH500

Aisen desert is among the highest-rated cooler in India. This cooler is famous for its best cooling and highly rated by the customer because of its good quality & performance that’s why we include this cooler in Our Best air cooler in India list.

Aisen desert cooler for home office 55 litre magna A55DMH500

Features and details:

  • capacity: 55 litres ideal for large room size of upto 60 metre square / 650 sq.ft.
  • Product dimensions ( L.B.H): 61cm.40.5cm.110cm.
  • power:190 watts, air deflection: 4 way- vertical, air device: 16 fan.
  • High-efficiency honeycomb pads, castor wheel for easy mobility, 3-speed control, Ice chamber, cooling control, water level indicator.


  • Speed air control.
  • Castor wheels.
  • Openable cooling pad panels.
  • Four-way air deflection.
  • water level indicator.
  • Ideal for Indian homes.


  • It does not have a copper coil.
  • It is not small and it has 55-litre capacity.

4. Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 liters air cooler ( white & grey)

Maharaja Whiteline is a brand famous for its relevant price and the quality if you want a good cooler at low prices then it should be the best choice for you. We add this cooler in our top 10 Best air cooler in India list because the features and quality this brand offers at low cost is very appreciable.

Maharaja whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 litres air cooler ( white & grey)

Features and details:

  • Capacity: 65 litres; ideal for room size of 700 sq.ft.
  • Product dimensions: 69cm.69cm.87cm.
  • High air delivery of 3000-metre cube/ Heavy air throw of 45ft; 4-way air deflection, speed levels.
  • .Anti- bacterial Tank; low noise operation; Aroma chamber, shockproof Body.


  • Germ free 65 litre tank.
  • Wood wool pads.
  • Dry run a protected submersible pump.
  • Inverter compatible.
  • Rust and shock proof body.


  • No auto rotation.
  • Quality items are poor.

5. Bajaj Platini PX 97 Torque 36 litres Room air cooler ( white)

Bajaj has a high trust value in India and as a band, it’s very popular. This particular cooler of Bajaj is a type of personal cooler if you are looking for a personal cooler you can go with it but if you are looking cooler for a large area then you will be dissatisfied by this cooler.

Features and details.

  • Capacity: 36 litres; ideal for room size of up to 150 sq.ft.suitable for all climates and coastal regions.
  • Product dimensions: 45.5cm.43.5cm.82cm.
  • Honeycomb cooling media, easily removable pads; 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance.
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility.
  • 3 Way speed control; Quite performance; four-way air deflection.
  • Always allow for cross- ventilation in your area/ room else cooler won’t work effectively.


  • Super air delivery.
  • Hexacool technology.
  • 36 litre water tank.
  • Powerful air throw.
  • 3 side cool master.


  • Fan size is small.
  • No remote control.
  • Not suitable for the hall.

6. Crompton ozone 75 litres desert cooler with Honeycomb pads(white)

Crompton is one of the best selling brands in India not only for cooler this brand is famous among other appliances too. This cooler is the best selling and highly rated cooler among all if you are looking to buy a desert cooler I think it will the best choice for you. Cromptons comes in one of those company which makes best air cooler in India.

Features and details:

  • Capacity: 75 litres; ideal for room size of up to 500 sq ft.
  • Product dimensions ( L.B.H): 61cm.40.5cm.120cm.
  • Effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Airspeed control.
  • Package Include: Air Cooler


  • Wood wool Cooling pad.
  • Ice chambers.
  • Motorized Louver Movement.
  • Inverter Capability.
  • Rust free body.
  • Easy to clean & wife.


  • Variety of colour of this brand of cooler is limited.
  • The cooler is by no means compact and small.

7. Crompton Optimus 65 litres desert cooler (white)

Crompton as a brand famous for its premium quality hand pump motor this brand is also known for its high trust value and it is one of the best selling brands in Indian which sells due to their user trust and the quality products it offers.

Features and details:

  • Capacity 65 litres.
  • Power 230 watts.
  • Air throw distance: 55 ft.
  • Auto drain switch.
  • Body is made up of ABS, thermoplastic.
  • Suitable for: Upto 650 sq.ft.Area.
  • Autofill: No need to check on the water levels at regular intervals. The auto-fill function regulates the flow of water ensuring maximum cooling.
  • Power: 230 watts.
  • 4-way air deflection.


  • Noise level is low and cooling is awesome.
  • Everlast pump to work in hard water
  • Humidity Controller To Suit Your Cooling Need.
  • Auto Drain & Auto Fill Function For Convenience.
  • Large ice chamber for ease of cooling.


  • Motor quality of the cooler is not too good.
  • Remote is not available.

8. Havells Celia Air desert cooler 55 litres (white & grey)

Havells is very famous for its fans and if we look at the stats for this brand we come to know that this brand is popular among people of India because it provides good customer support and service.

Features and details:

  • Capacity: 55 litres.
  • Product dimensions: 66cm.51cm.111.5cm.
  • Strong air delivery of 3500-metre cube per hour.
  • Low noise cooling and many other features Celia of Celia.
  • Full function remote, remote functionality provides effortless air cooler operation.
  • Power: 220 , operating voltage: 220-240.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


  • Fully Collapsible Louvers.
  • 3- side honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Cord winding station.
  • Low noise.
  • Auto fill.
  • Ice chamber.


  • Need a proper area due to 55 litres capacity.
  • Not a cheapest cooler in this range.

9. Bajaj DC 2050 DLX- 70 litres desert air cooler (white)

Bajaj is a leading brand among home appliances for many years it’s the most popular brand in Indian. Customer of India prefers to trust Bajaj more in comparison to any other brand. Bajaj is also popular for making best Air cooler in india

Features and details:

  • Hexacool technology: Specially Designed Cooling Media With Hexagonal Design, Delivering Maximum Cooling with Minimum water consumption.
  • Product dimensions (L.B.H): 64.0cm.50.0cm.108.5cm.
  • Turbofan technology: Fan based cooling for efficient circulation of air.
  • Capacity: 70 litres; ideal for room size of up to 600 sq.ft.suitable for all climates and coastal regions.
  • Super air delivery: High air delivery for faster cooling.


  • Super air delivery.
  • 70 litre water tank.powerful air throw.
  • Turbo fan technology.
  • Ice chamber.


  • Not a cheapest cooler, due to high build quality & good materials used.
  • Produce low noise.

10. Voltas 70 litre desert cooler

Voltas is one of the famous brands for Ac but nowadays it’s also getting popular for their coolers too. If you are looking for the best air cooler for your hall then I suggest it will be the best choice for you

Features and details-

  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • Movable Trolley.
  • Honeycomb Cooling pads.
  • Turbo air quality.
  • Air cooler capacity 70L.
  • Product dimensions: 65cm.96.5cm.51cm.


Quality is good which ensures that it will last a long time.

It gives a good experience due to its good experience.


  • This would be expensive for some users.
  • The color choice may be dull for some users.

Best Air Cooler in India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Water Capacity

Air cooler having an even bigger tank dimension offers a cool atmosphere for the lengthier period plus necessitates refills not as usual.  First, you ought to pick a version in accordance with the needs you have.  More the water storage capacity means more cooling for a long time without refiling it.

Water holding capacity have different rage in different types of cooler

  1. Tower Air cooler: 15-30L
  2. Room Air Cooler: 20-50L
  3. Desert Air Cooler: 60-100L

Air Delivery

According to the size of this room that you want to cool, there should be the proper dimension of the cooler for it to get the job done efficiently. You want to have a clear concept of those dimensions of the place and the room needs to be significantly more compared to the room dimensions or equal to it.

CFM (cubic feet per minute) the phrases at the atmosphere stream of their air cooler is measured. Even the CMF makes reference to the quantity of air cycled in your room just about every minute. By calculating the CMF that is required for the chamber the appropriate measurement of the atmosphere cooler is calculated. The greater the CMF, the more enthusiast moves much more air while in the space. To find the suitable size of the cooler you need there is a very simple calculation that may assist you.

Air delivery (in CFM) = Area of room in square feet x height of your room / 2

Air cooler size

If you’re lying around the bed along with the cooler doesn’t attain above your bed level is completely free of use, hence buying a cooler that will be adequate in height will not good for you. You have to choose the cooler that suits perfectly into space.

Cooler comes with different shapes and sizes you have to be very careful before choosing the right cooler for your room because size also affects the quality of cooling.

Castor wheels

Castor wheel is another important factor you need to check before buying a cooler because it helps to move cooler from one place to another

One more important thing cooler with the castor wheel is not enough quality of that wheel is also matter because some of cooler with high-quality caster wheel which is very effective in the long run but some of the cooler doesn’t offer caster wheel of good quality such as plastic wheel which gets dislocate during a long run.

Water Level Indicator

Water level indicator is an essential feature of cooler you need to look for because it helps to check the water level in cooler time to time without opening a cooler. So the water level indicator makes your work much easier and it also helps during the refilling of water to prevent the cooler from overflow during the refilling of water.

Cooling Pad

You Must Know about the cooling pad when you are willing to Buy the best air cooler in India. Because the Cooling pad has a direct impact on the cooling performance of the cooler. So, first, let’s discuss about how the cooling pad actually works and helps in cooling.

Once the water flows through the cooling pad it gets wet and when air passes through it, It provides cool air by absorbing the heat. So, after understanding the working of the cooling pad Now let’s discuss How many types of the cooling pad are available and which one is the best for you.

There are mainly two types of cooling pads.

  1. Honeycomb cooling pad:- These cooling pads are called as honeycomb cooling pad because its design looks like a honeycomb. These pads are considered as one of the best cooling pad because these are durable and require less maintenance as compared to others.
  2. Wood wool cooling pad:- These pads are more likely to look like a grass pad. Which is made up of synthetic fibers of wool. It needs to be changed at a regular period for good performance.

Power Usages

Power usage is another most important factor you need to be aware of that when you are going to buy the best air cooler in India. Because power is given in watt many people confuse in that but the cooler which lies in the range of 150 to 220 watt is good.

Advantages of air cooler

  1. Air cooler are much more cost-efficient as compared to the Air conditioners.
  2. Cooler are also environment friendly because it doesn’t release poisonous gases like chlorofluorocarbon release by AC.
  3. You can change the cooler location according to your need without any help from a technician.
  4. Its is also energy efficient as compared to the Air conditioner.

Best Cooler Brand in India

Most of people always questioning about the best cooler brand in India and it is necessary when you are willing to buy the best air cooler in India. So first we need to look at the parameter of how we consider any brand is best or not.

The first and important factor is customer reviews if any brand is getting good reviews from their customer for their product it means the brand is offering something more valuable to their customer compared to any other brand.

The second factor is customer support it is another important factor which makes a brand popular among their customer. Its means that in case of any future problem to their product how the company reacts to resolve their customer issue. If they provide rapid and fast service the customer became happy and satisfied on the other hand if the service is slow or not valuable then customers got really dissatisfied with their brand.

All these factors, in turn, refer to customer satisfaction. The brand which has a more satisfied customer is the best among the all.

Symphony cooler

Symphony is known as one of the best cooler companies in India because of its relevant customer support and customer reviews. This company is known for its good customer service and reviews. But there are some brands of cooler which compete with symphony and the names of these brands are Bajaj, Crompton, Orient, etc. We have done an extensive research to find out these types of the cooler and the top 10 best air cooler India are mentioned above. If you are looking to buy a cooler then our above list of best air coolers in India will definitely be going to help you in selecting the best cooler for you home.

Some Of the Commonly Ask Question

  • Many people ask for the best air cooler for a room because of the small space in their rooms. They don’t want a big size cooler, so I will prefer then they should go for the personal cooler. 
  • Many people ask which is the best air cooler as I mentioned above best air cooler varies from person to person based on their need but if you are looking to buy the best air cooler and you are confused about which is the best air cooler then our above classification will help you to find the best cooler according to your need. We have also suggested to you the top 10 best coolers in India.

We hope you like our article on the Best Air Cooler in India. if you have any questions and suggestions regarding this feel free to comment below we will happy to help you.


From the above discussed point we can come to the conclusion that every cooler has their different quality. And every person has different demands. So people can buy the cooler according to their needs. If they want a cooler for a bigger area then they should go for a desert cooler. If they want a cooler for the dining room, bedroom, near the sofa then they should go for a personal cooler because it can fulfill its all needs. It is also useful in moving the cooler from one place to another place.

If someone has less area then they should go for a tower cooler because it is easily fit in a small area similarly anyone wants to install a cooler on a window then they should go for the window cooler and it is also an energy-efficient cooler. You must know about all these factors if you are going to purchase the cooler from the market, but if you are planing to buy oniline above coolers are one of the best choice available in market for air coolers.

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